All participants respect each other and conduct in a civilized manner.
All drop-bag stations are check-points as well. Each runner must sign-in at these points in designated lists.
Each participant makes sure, that she/he can be reached on her/his mobile phone at all times.
Along the entire course participants must stay on the marked tracks.
It is not allowed to short-cut sections of the course or abandon the race without prior information to the race director and his staff.
Vegetation and nature has to be treated in a respectful manner. Hunting or feeding animals along the course is prohibited. The same applies to collecting plants or flowers.
Garbage and left-over food must be disposed by the participants at villages and towns in designated receptacles.
Doping or taking performance enhancing drugs is not allowed.
It is allowed to use poles.
During the race it is allowed to sleep overnight outside in nature. It is not allowed to camp by setting up a tent.
During the race, each participant must carry his mandatory equipment at all times.
Breaking the rules can lead to time punishment or disqualification. This will be decided by the race director and his staff.

Mandatory Equipment

1 hat
1 buff or scarf
1 long-sleeve shirt
1 fleece or prima-loft (pullover or jacket)
1 long-leg pants
1 rain resistant jacket (water and wind resistant – waterproof 20.000)
1 pair of gloves 
1 pair of socks
1 backpack
Bottles for 2 liters of fluids
First Aid Kit (details will come via mail)
Emergency sleeping bag (at least aluminum foil)
GPS device
1 set of spare batteries for the GPS device
Mobile phone
Charger for the mobile phone
2 head lamps including spare batteries
ID and prove of health insurance
some cash (in Euro)


Participants must consider, that during the race there will be challenging and sometimes extreme situations to be mastered. Weather, nature, physical and mental strain as well as fatigue and exhaustion are some of the main challenges which must be mastered. Also, path finding and independent support are to be considered.

Every participant is responsible for her-/himself at all times. At each moment every runner must determine by her-/himself whether and how to continue the race. The race director and his crew explicitly recommend that each participant obtain insurance for emergency rescue upfront.

Cut-Off Times [MEGARACE 2022]

Each runner must leave the Lifebase (LB) at the latest after the specified time.

Please note: we share our cut-off times for 2022 to our confirmed starters via mail.

The Finish has to be reached latest after 324 hours (3,08 km/h)

"everything seems impossible until it`s done"