Welcome to "THE MEGARACE".1.001 km nonstop running in the Goldsteig Area.

Starting Fee:

1.390 € (regular booking)
1.590 € (late booking)

At registration you have to pay:
790 € (regular booking) 
990 € (late booking)

The second payment is 600 € and has to be payed latest in march of the year you run MEGARACE. 

All payments are non-refundable.

By clicking the button (register & payments) you will be directed to our main website


Anyone interested signs up for entrance. There is no guarantee for getting a spot.
Participants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application.
Whoever signed up shall receive an approval solely by the race director’s discretion. 
Any legal claims are excluded.
All participant accept and obey at any moment during the race the decisions made by the race director and his staff.
All participants strictly follow the rules established for this race.
All participant provide a medical certificate, stating that there are no health concerns for participation prior to the race.
Also, it is mandatory that all participants to carry at all the times during the race a functioning GPS tracking device. The course must be up-loaded onto this device.
All participants sign a waiver prior to the race which exempts the race director and his staff of all liability and whatsoever claims.
All participants agree that media (audio, picture and video) about themselves as part of the race can be used without any restrictions or fee by the race director and the online-platform “”, "" and social media
Entrance fee shall be paid (non-cash) immediately after registration. A receipt will be issued.
Paid entrance fees shall not be reimbursed for whatever reason. It is recommended to sign a non-start insurance prior the race.
The race director and his staff cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to luggage and/or drop-bags.