[Dec 2019] COBRA XT - A Trainings Event for THE MEGARACE

The COBRA XT (COsta BRAva eXTrem) is an ultrarunning event located in Girona (Spain). It`s open to all athlets, but the main idea is that participants of THE MEGARACE have the chance to get some training and a first come together. Participating is free of charge to every MEGARACER. 

The race course of the COBRA XT has a length of 135 km with nearly 4.500 meters elevation gain. Time limit is 36 hours
We will provide 3 Aidstations with one bigger "Dropbag Station" at km 70.
Briefing: April, the 30th, 2020 GIRONA
Start: May, the 1st, 2020 GIRONA, 6 AM

You will find more information about COBRA XT on our main webside:

Participants of THE MEGARACE who like to join the COBRA XT send an email to: 


So far people have not visited another planet or have been out of Earth's reach for a longer period.

Plans for a flight to Mars have existed for a long time, and various institutions distributed to many countries of the world are currently involved in preparing such a longer mission.

The trip to Mars would take about two years and take place in a small space ship with limited resources. Logistically a challenge and medically completely new territory.

Here are unprecedented physical mental demands on the astronauts as well. To examine this is a field of investigation of the current space science.

Our athletes could become part of this studies as part of a research project. We are looking forward to the upcoming talks and our contribution to the Mission Mars 2035.

[Aug 2019] Every finisher of the full distance of THE MEGARACE will get in addition to medal and certificate an engraved ring as a present for the great effort. Get yours!


KAI EICHLER is a firefighter, as are about 1.3 million other firefighters in Germany.

At almost 4 million operations every year, our fire department is on hand. They help with fires, natural disasters and also in traffic accidents. They save lives - often in difficult circumstances, and not only in Germany but worldwide.

Many firefighters do their duty honorary, they are not in a professional fire brigade - these forces are indispensable to ensure general help.

KAI EICHLER will tackle the Megarace 2020 and he will take an additional piece of gear at each lifebase (there are 6 of them) at the end full equipped to cross the finish line - after 1,000 km. KAI EICHLER starts as a runner and finishes as a firefighter. We symbolically make it clear that volunteering is not carried on the skin but in the heart.

Our fire departments are important and indispensable worldwide - they need our support and they need new blood. We want to draw attention to that!

In addition, we will launch a fundraiser for "HELP FOR HELPERS", which collects funds for firefighters who crash in their missions. Likewise, the collected funds strengthen the training of firefighters.

I am very happy that KAI EICHLER is facing this task and wish him all the best for the preparation!