Dezember 2018

We are very happy about the great response to the "MEGARACE". Nearly 40 participants from all over the world have registered with us within a few days. That makes us very proud and it honors us. Thank you very much, that you want to come with us on this running adventure.

We will not be idly until the race will start. There are a lot of tasks that we have to work through and that we want to inform you here in the "NEWS" section.

Currently we are working on the logo. The work will be completed by December of this year.

Then the production of the participant and crew member shirts is the next task. We will send you your shirt in March 2019. For this we want to pack one or the other surprise - We hope you are looking forward to it.

In 2019, we will especially look after the track, prepare the map material - pinpoint the lifebases, we will talk to the authorities, we are planning the Aidstations and have to train our helpers and so on and so on....

We will have medals and trophies made. Dropbags must be sampled, as well as banners and flags.

We will also travel to Spain, to prepare our "Trainings Event" in May 2020 - The COSTA BRAVA XT (short: COBRA XT). We hope that we will see a lot of our participants there. Before and after running the trainings course (140 k) there will be a lot of time to talk about kit, tips and hints. And it is a good thing to get know how the other runners are. Then in a few months later we will start together the biggest running challenge on earth: THE MEGARACE and YOU will be part of this community!

It gets exciting and it is one of the nicest tasks in the world to have such a race for motivated runners and adventurers to organize.

Thank you, all of you!

[update webside organisation] We putted the section "Requirements" to the section "Rules"