September 2022

Hello Megaracers,

today we bring your results of the MEGARACE 2022 over 391 km nonstop on our website. Congratulations again to all finishers of the race!

We are currently working on the layout for your finisher jackets. We will order these very soon and commission them to be embroidered. All finishers from 2022 will receive a jacket, as well as all 391km finishers from this year.  

We will send you the jackets via post delivery to your home address. You will also receive your certificate for the Megarace 2022 together with the jacket. 

The results will also be published on our website under "Results".

September 2022

The Megarace 2022 ends this year at km 391 in Lackenhäuser

Finishing a race early is never an easy decision, but as a race director you have responsibility for the entire project.

There is one rule that stands above all ambition and all thirst for adventure: Safety first! And that is no longer the case.

We have been experiencing heavy rain days here since Wednesday with local rainfall of 25 liters and more per hour. The weather conditions stretch from Passau via our stage towns of St. Englmar and Thanstein up to Regensburg.

We don't know what the rain will do locally, only that it's coming and that it will rain until next Wednesday.

The temperatures will drop below 4 degrees at night and our athletes would then be exposed to the elements when running with akready 500km in their legs. That's not a good prospect.

We don't want to react only after an accident has happened. We are reacting now so that no one is harmed in the approaching storm. In addition, the forests are not safe even after heavy rains, lightning and wind. Because falling trees can endanger runners.

Unfortunately the conditions for a 1000 km trail nonstop race this year are not given anymore. How much energy the bad weather takes is also shown by the fact that most of the runners have not even reached our "new" finish point in Lackenhäuser at km 391 at 10:00 a.m. we expect the runners from 2 p.m., the cut-off would have been 6 p.m when the race would continued.

Our task today is to get all runners to Lackenhäuser.

I am very sorry not to be able to present any other message. But we go far beyond the limits of "normal" ultra running. And this requires the right conditions.

Take care, all the best Michael

August 2022

Hello Megaracers,
our preparations for the race are picking up speed and we are well on schedule.

For the MEGARACE 2022, 47 participants have now received their confirmation for the start via mail. All those who are registered as runners for 2022 and do not have a confirmation yet, please write us an email to:

We will send you the medical certificate form (mandatory for the start) and the information mails for your personal preparation for the race. The first two infomails have already been sent.

We will also send the race course only as gpx files to our confirmed starters. In the meantime we have sent the gpx files up to km 660.

Meanwhile we have the 09th of August 2022: Please remember to have your ID, VISA and your sports accident insurance valid when you arrive in Germany. If necessary, now is the last time to do this.

Staying healthy is the most important thing from now on! Prepare yourself mentally for the upcoming race, your running training should be almost completed.

Maybe this tip: The best way to reach the goal is to stay on the track and run kilometer after kilometer no matter if it is day or night. The sun is shining or it is raining. Keep moving - not fast but constantly and evenly!

With our next newsletter,  we send you the gps tracks km 660 to km 1001 and the info about the dropbag bags (which you get from us when you register). Only these bags, as well as your personal bag with sleeping bag / sleeping mat will be transported by us to the aid stations and lifebases. (we send the next newsletter at august, 10th 2022)

June 2022: 


Hello Megaracers,

we know that you are now training hard and that you have already collected a lot of running kilometers. We wish you continued success!

Now we have to go one step further and take a look at your health. For this it is necessary that you have your health certified by a doctor of your confidence.


You will receive the MEDICAL CERTIFICATE for 2022 if you send us an email to by the end of July at the latest.

We also need the following information from you in the mail:
- current nationality and gender
- date of birth
- current place of residence with address
- mailaddress for the infomails we will send to you from August on
- corona vaccinated (yes/no) Date of last vaccination
- vegetarian (yes/no) vegan (yes/no)

Please also remember to prepare your travel documents for Germany, Czech Republic and Austria. Our international starters might need VISA. Please take care of this in time.

The MEDICAL CERTIFICATE is obligatory for the start.

May 2022

Hello Megaracers,

only a short news but much information: here are the links to our second, third and fourth part of our race course:
Section 2: km 165 to km 665:
Section 3: km 665 to km 680:
Section 4: km 680 to km 1001:

Lifebases/Aidstations in section 2 at km100&226 LACKENHÄUSER (campside) - km 280 PASSAU (hotel) - km 380 St. ENGLMAR (indoor premises) - km 500 GÜTENLAND (campside)

Aidstation at the end of section 3 in GÜTENLAND - You can do the Lake Course without bagpack and equipment. This short loop will give us the chance to have more contact and a closer look to our participants. You will get the silver medal when you complete this part. 

The last section of the race (Section 4) will lead you up to the north to MARKTREDWITZ and back to GÜTENLAND, so the campside at GÜTENLAND is also the finish area of the race. The last lifebase of the race is located at ~km 178 in Marktredwitz (hotel). There will be also an aidstation around km 81 and km 231 on the last section.

Please note: this are planned routes, we are working on it, please expect changes.

April 2022

Hello Megaracers,

Easter time is now upon us and for many this is also a first opportunity in the year to have a vacation. A good time to check how it stands around the fitness.

From my point of view it would be ideal in the period April/May to undertake a 3-day tour with at least one night non-stop running or hiking. The distance should be between 150 and 180 km.

You can also test different foods and drinks. You can also try out shoes - this can be very useful, as you will be running slower on the MEGARACE than on other ultra runs.

Arrival to the event

In September it is highly recommended to travel to the race by public transport. If only because the start and finish are not at the same place (no shuttle service from finish to start area by race organization).

The start area is like last year on the area of the Waldhotel Seebachschleife. In the district Seebachschleife of the small town Bayerisch Eisenstein near the Czech border.

Bayerisch Eisenstein has a train station and is easy to reach from cities with airports (Nuremberg, Frankfurt am Main, Munich) also for our international starters.

Equipment check and briefing for the race will be at the Waldhotel Seebachschleife as announced on Saturday, September 10th. We will have also dinner together in the hotel.

The race will then start on Sunday, September 11th in the morning at 9:00 am. Registration for the race is only possible on Saturday. The briefing is obligatory.

It is recommended to arrive a few days earlier (maybe already on Thursday) to the starting place, many participants from last year did that. Especially if you travel far by plane, a break before the race (which after all lasts almost 2 weeks) is very helpful.

If you want to stay at the Waldhotel Seebachschleife before the race you should book a room here:

Please do your pre-bookings to end of June (latest) because rooms and beds are limited and the owner will open his rooms for public in july.

Other accommodation options can also be found via, of course every participant is free to choose where to stay before the race.

The Hotel Seebachschleife will also be the first lifebase at km 165.
Planned route for MEGARACE

This year's race will be divided into 4 sections:
Section 1: 165 km Loop Bayerisch Eisenstein (Bronce Medal).
Section 2: km 165 to km 665 Bayerisch Eisenstein via Passau to Gütenland
Section 3: km 665 to km 680 lake loop Gütenland (silver medal)
Section 4: km 680 to km 1001 Gütenland to Marktredwitz (via Nurtschweg, its a marked hiking trail) and from Marktredwitz back to Gütenland (Goldsteig hiking trail) (Gold Medal)

The first section can be viewed at the following link:

This is a planned route - it is very likely that there will be changes to the exact route. Aidstations will be at km 38 (HARTMANICE / CZ) and km 113 (FURTH / GER).

We are currently working on the second section, which will also be the longest section in the race. Sections 3 and 4 have already been completed and were run last year.
Travel documents

We will cross the border to the Czech Republic two times during the race and also come back to Germany two times. Please take care of the necessary visas and identification papers for the border crossing. 

The border is open, but you have to expect controls (also within the Schengen area). This is especially important for participants from outside the EU.

In addition to the valid identification documents, a complete vaccination certificate against CORONA is also required. It is possible that this proof is not required but it is not certain and the pandemic situation can change again until September. So please assume that you need this proof and that it is necessary for the race participation.

Mid March 2022

Course Informations (more details and gps tracks / online maps will follow)

First Section
~161 km / 6.000 meters altitude. With start and end at "Seebachschleife" near "Bayerisch Eisenstein". The first loop will lead into Czech Republik to "Hartmanice", then a bit north to "Javorná" and then to "Spicak". From there you will follow a very nice hiking path to the peak of Mount Osser and you are back in germany. The next cities youre running through are "Neunkirchen b. hl. Blut" and "Furth im Wald". From there you will turn south and  you follow the high mountain route of the Goldsteig Hiking Path back to "Seebachschleife"

Second Section
~500 km / 12.000 meters altitude. We will start at "Seebachschleife" and heading south to "Zwiesel" and then to "St. Oswald-Riedlhütte". Next village is "Mauth" - From there you will follow the Goldsteig Hiking path all the way to Mountain "Hochstein" (Czech border) from there you will make your way through Czech Republik with the following cities/villages "Nová Pec" - "Horní Plana" - "Horice na Sumave" - "Svetlik" - "Lipno nad Vlatvou". From there we will head north to "Pasecná" and "Sváty Tomás". We stay on the Czech paths near the border until we will reach Mount "Plöckenstein". From there on we will follow the Goldsteig Hiking Path to "Passau" and later on to "Lalling" - "Sankt Englmar" making our way north to "Gütenland".

Third Section
~15 km / 200 meters altitude. You will run around Lake Gütenland. You can do this without backpack and we will have a good chance to have a look at you and helping you to get fit for the last section.

Fourth Section
~325 km / 7000 meters altitude. Its the north loop of the last years edition. You will start at "Gütenland" making your way to "Furth im Wald" from there you will follow the "Nurtschweg Hiking path" near the border Germany/Czech Republik on the german side to "Marktredwitz". From there you follow the "Goldsteig Hiking Path down to "Gütenland" And that`s it. You will reach the finish line at km 1.001!
I know you would like to have a map representation. But maybe it's also fun to see for yourself how the course could go without knowing exactly on which path you will run. 

One thing is certain: there is a lot of Goldsteig hiking trail, E8 and Nurtschweg Hiking trail. There will be a lot of trail running and only rarely you will come through towns. 

As soon as possible there will be details and also online maps. Promise! And now off to the running training

March 2022

Dear Megaracer,
we hope you had a good start into the new year and that you have already started training for our great running adventure in Bavaria.

Every training day is worth it and the time until September will pass faster than you think. 1001 km is an enormous distance that requires excellent fitness, endurance and willpower. But last year showed that with good preparation many participants could reach the longed-for goal.

We start now in March with our preparations for the running course, the lifebases and check points to be able to offer you a really great experience. We will keep you informed so that you can include this in your plans.

We currently assume that CORONA will remain an issue and that all participants will have to be fully vaccinated in order to participate.

We are planning with the routing through the Czech Republic and will announce as soon as possible our exact running course in the region of the Goldsteig.

Our start and finish location will remain unchanged as announced in the announcement.

We plan our next news release by the end of March, with the intention of providing booking options (hotel) at the start location and directions (for our international starters).

September 2021

On Sunday, September 12 at 09:00 in the morning we will start. It will be the first time that a race from A to B with a length of over 1000 kilometers will be started on trails. We are excited.

We have a livetracking that will show our athletes 324 hours on the internet.

If the livetracking does not work, it does not mean that something has happened. Sometimes there are transmission failures or other reasons. 

So just stay tuned and follow us!

Translated with (free version)

Updates August 2021

[August, 23th, 2021] GET READY ! We have had our approval for the race since this morning. So it is clear to us that we will start on Sunday, September 12th in Bayerisch Eisenstein.

All starters registered for 2021 will also receive an email with further information on the race schedule.

We are very much looking forward to this special event!
It seems impossible. So let's do it!

Updates July 2021

[July, 5th, 2021] For the 2021 edition we have 20 runners enrolled, all other starters will start on the original course in the next year. To start this year participants have to be full vaccinated against COVID-19 and we need an incidence value lower than 20 in every district we are running through (we will inform about that via mail at August, 26th) If the incidence values are higher than 20 in one of the districts the whole race ist postponed to the next year.

Starters 2021
Stephan Vogel (GER) - Hans-Jürgen Egler (GER) - Martin Leimbach (GER) - Simon Gfeller (SUI) - Jonas Davidsson (SWE) - Matthias Schramm (GER) - Daniel Rodriguez Ramells (ESP) - Llornec Reixach Cruz (ESP) - Oriol Borras Cajigos (ESP) - Roberto Rovelli (ITA) - István Juhász (HUN) - Radek Plesnik (CZE) - Pavel Fexa (CZE) - Magdalena Paschke (GER) - Rafa Argote Enríquez (ESP) - Takao Kitada (JAP) - Wolfgang Gunsenheimer (GER) - Per Hansen (DEN) - Jan Fokke Oosterhof (NLD) - Thierry Corbarieu (FRA)



We will be in the area by ourself from 16. to 25. july to finalize the route, we hope that we have the gpx tracks ready in the first week of august. So, you will have more time to prepare for racing.

IMPORTANT: Runners of the MEGARACE EDITION 2021 will get the gpx tracks via mail

All kilometers are approximate informations (for now)

We will run the first 165 km as 3 loops around Bayerisch Eisenstein.

30 km then 50 km then 85 km. Bayerisch Eisenstein (Lifebase 1) is reached after 165 km. A first "small" finish with a 100 miles with a medal and certificate is then also possible here.

After this "warming up" the runners follow the Goldsteig route down to Passau km ~330 (Lifebase 2)

From there it goes over the Goldsteig hiking trail and Pandurensteig back to Bayerisch Eisenstein (Lifebase 3) When you reach Lifebase 3, you will have walked around ~450 km.

From here, the runners follow the Goldsteig hiking trail via Furth to Neunburg vor dem Wald and reach Lifebase 4 after approx. 550km. Whoever reaches this lifebase receives the Megarace Medal (bronze)

This is followed by 2 loops of 60 km each, each starting and ending in Neunburg vor dem Wald. Lifebase 5 is reached after 670 km. That corresponds to the silver medal and the length of the Goldsteig Ultrarace that we have held so far.

The last 331 km of the race describe the path over the Nurtschweg up to Marktredwitz ~ km 840 (Lifebase 6) and on the Goldsteig hiking path back down to Neunburg vor dem Wald - the big finish of our race.

In summary

1 --- km 165 --- Bayerisch Eisenstein --- 100 miles Finish

2 --- km 330 --- Passau

3 --- km 450 --- Bayerisch Eisenstein

4 --- km 550 --- Neunburg --- BRONZE

5 --- km 670 --- Neunburg --- SILVER 

6 --- km 840 --- Marktredwitz

F --- km 1.001 --- Neunburg --- GOLD

Updates June 2021

[June, 16th, 2021] How does it look for a MEGARACE this year?

That is still difficult to answer. There is a lot that speaks for it and some against it.

The government of the Federal Republic of Germany declared the situation a pandemic by the end of September. This continues to prohibit major events and sporting events.

However, the incidence is now below 20 and that would allow the districts to make their own assessment. But they have difficulties with permits and don't want to decide. If so, then at very short notice, even with a small group of participants, precisely because we have international starters and because we run through many districts (11). If we only walked through one district, it would be a lot easier. We are going on with our preparations as said beforehad.

In addition, we only have 13 runners who would even want to start. We need at least 7 more runners by the end of the month.

So if you want to run this year, you should decide as soon as possible and let us know via email

enrolled runners  [last update: June, 13th]
#002. Stephan Vogel, Germany
#009. Martin Leimbach, Germany
#015. Simon Gfeller, Switzerland
#022. Daniel Rodriguez Ramells, Spain
#034. Llorenc Reixach Cruz, Spain
#047. Oriol Borras Cajigos, Spain
#061. Roberto Rovelli, Italy
#071. István Juhász, Hungary
#090. Radek Plesník, Czech Republik
#098. Magdalena Paschke, Germany
#101. Rafa Argote Enríquez, Spain
#106. Wolfgang Gunsenheimer, Germany
#107. Per Hansen, Denmark

IMPORTANT: Infos for 2021 

[May, 31th 2021]  After a zoom meeting with officials this morning, we want to provide you with some more informations for MEGARACE in 2021, which will be binding for us.

1. Even if we as an organization continue to plan and prepare everything for the MEGARACE, that does not mean that the race is also allowed. The approval is still pending - We will announce on our website on August 27th whether we will start or not.

2. To be able to start we need at least 20 runners who decide to start this year. With a smaller number of runners, it will not be possible for us to organize everything at least to cover costs. We need your decision latest at june, 30th this year.

3. In order to be able to start we will need an incidence of 20 or lower in the districts of Eastern Bavaria. If the incidence is higher, a race like the one we intend cannot be approved. We will run through 12 districts; at the moment we have inicidence values between 15 and 50.

4. All participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and require a corresponding vaccination certificate when registering. This must be carried for the entire race.

5. All runners who decide to start this year by June 30th use their start ticket. Withdrawal from the start of 2021 will no longer be possible after June 30 of this year. So we need your binding commitments.

6. If the race cannot take place this year, all starter tickets will of course be carried over to the next year 2022.

7. We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance. Please remember that arrival and departure is the responsibility of the participant. 

Decision Megarace 2021


The pandemic doesn't make it easy for you. This affects participants and organization alike.

We understand that some would prefer to start this year and some not until next year 2022. That affects many of our international starters. In our survey it came out that around 25 participants would like to start this year and everyone else would rather start next year.

We have not yet received any official approval that we can run a race. The approval is difficult because the route is so long, leads through many districts (everyone approves for himself) and we not only have European participants but international ones. And we are more than 100 runners.

Therefore we decided to give our participants the choice. This year we are organizing the MEGARACE with the running course in Germany as described on the website. And next year we will organize the MEGARACE on its originally intended course through 3 countries.

As a participant you have to decide in which year you want to participate by the end of June. For this purpose, a mail from all those who want to run this year 2021 is enough. Please mail to:

No one else has to report, the starter ticket is automatically carried over to the next year.

MEGARACE 2022 will take place again in September. We are also opening the registration so that other runners can take part. 

Race Dates 2022:
Meet and Equipment Check: Sep. 10th, 2022, Location: Bayerisch Eisenstein
Start of MEGARACE: Sep. 11th, 2022, 9 am, Location: Bayerisch Eisenstein
Last Finish: Sep. 24th, 2022, midnight, Location: Neunburg v. d. Wald
MEGARACE 2021 is "sold out". 



Due to the pandemic, there may still be short-term cancellations this year. Please plan that! Take out travel insurance!

We have to adhere to legal requirements. But we're not canceling anything anymore - until a week before the start.

When we are all on site, we will run! We hope it will be our running route through all of East Bavaria. But it can also be a circuit. That decides the pandemic.  


[May, 19th 2021] In addition to the official decision regarding our race, the opinion of our participants is also important to us. Therefore we want to get an opinion picture.

The important thing is: Regardless of the result, the opinion is "only" part of the decision to be made. 

If you have a facebook account, please join the survey and make your vote 
link to facebook group:

If you don`t have a facebook account please write us an email about your opinion:
1. If possible let the race have place this year
2. Postpone the race to 2022

What do you think? What do you prefer? Please answer via mail:

The Survey will end at may, 25th - Thanks a lot and stay healthy, 

May News


[May, 19th 2021] A trend reversal in the pandemic can clearly be felt here in Germany.

Our incidences decrease significantly day by day and there are more and more openings of shops, restaurants, hotels and campsites.

Traveling to and from Germany is also becoming much easier and easier for more and more countries.

All of this is good. But there is also the other side: major events will be canceled for 2021, trade fairs will be postponed to the next year.

Likewise, there is currently no statement from the authorities about events in the autumn.

What should our participants do?

- train on

- get COVID-19 vaccination so that you are fully vaccinated in September

- test equipment

We don't expect a final explanation from the authorities by May 25th as to what will be possible in September. 

We are therefore postponing our decision regarding the MEGARACE once again and for the last time to July 9th, 2021 

Why July 9th?
In Germany the pandemic law expires on June 30th. It will take our government a week to decide whether to continue or suspend the law

Stay healthy, M. Frenz

April News

[April, 12th 2021] The corona situation in Germany is still tense and unfortunately our incidence values ​​are growing.

The hospitals are also currently full of CORONA patients, some even warn of the German health system being overloaded.

Hotels and restaurants, as well as many shops, are still closed - within these conditions we cannot explore routes or make arrangements with partners. Hence we have our exploration tour canceled to Eastern Bavaria in April and postponed it to May.

After phone calls with the responsible health department, nobody is currently able to give an assessment of whether we will be in September can start a race that leads 1000 km through all of Eastern Bavaria, various districts and cities.

What we already know, however, is that we have to change something in section 1 of our run. If we this year have a competition, then we will start with a 120km circuit with start and finish in Bayerisch Eisenstein.

With this initial circuit, we save 2 districts, which considerably simplifies the approval and we have a plan B should the pandemic worsen negatively within the 2 weeks we are together.

What we already know is that in future years (regardless of whether this year or next) you will be required to do so have a negative test for COVID or have to be vaccinated in order to be able to start a race. It is also in the realm of the possible
that various districts require additional tests from the athletes, since the race lasts 2 weeks.

We are postponing our decision on MEGARACE until May 25th. We strongly recommend starting with the training and from one Race start to go out. Regarding the booking of flights and the arrival, we advise you to wait for our decision in May before decisions or bookings are made here.

Stay healthy and have a good workout!
Michael Frenz 

March News

[March, 16th 2021] We (the organizing team) will be in Bavaria from April 12th to 18th. During this time, we will talk to the local authorities about our event and learn about guidelines and regulations for implementation with regard to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As of today: All hotels and restaurants in Germany have been closed since the beginning of the year. All events are prohibited. When it will open again, and when it`s allowed to organize events is currently still uncertain. Some suspect that it can be so far at Pentecost.

For our race we need a very low number of infeceted people by COVID-19 less than 35 of 100.000 in every district we run through (at the moment we have around 100 to 200 per 100.000). We currently intend to run through 12 districts, that is a special challenge under these conditions and we have to see if we can get this implemented with the authorities.

We have already moved the course to Germany, so our athletes will not cross the border (see last news). In addition to our currently planned route, we will also discuss the variant of a smaller circuit as a compromise solution (approx. 60-100 km) which would then be run several (loops) times.

We know that this is not the prettiest of all variants, but our absolute focus is that we want to run 1001 km this year. We know that we are all in the midst of preparations and that should also pay off with a competition.

Next news: mid april after our meeting with authorities 


[January, 11th 2021] This year the Megarace should finally take place. The circumstances of the pandemic will still accompany us, but we are convinced
that we can run our race. However, we will have to make adjustments. We will announce which adjustments these are in detail as soon as we have detailed information.

Change of route for the MEGARACE
So that we have a higher probability of our MEGARACE taking place, we are moving our course to Germany. So we don't have  a Border crossing during the race. The countries of Europe handle the pandemic situation very differently and the course of the pandemic is very dynamic, so it is best to skip the Czech part and run it on an alternative route in Germany.

Our new route largely retains the character of the original route:
1. We stay in the Goldsteig region and mostly run the Goldsteig hiking trail.
2. Southernmost point: Passau and northernmost point: Marktredwitz remain.
3. A similarly high proportion of trails will have to be run as on the original route
4. Meeting point before the start (Hotel Seebachschleife in Bayerisch Eisenstein) and the finish in Neunburg vor dem Wald (Panorama Hotel in Gütenland)

To do this, we run the 1001 km long route in 2 large loops (parts 1 and 5), as well as a smaller loop (part 4) and 2 connecting routes (parts 1 and 3)
This enables us to react to the current pandemic if necessary. Because of the pandemic, it should be that a part of the race will not be allowed, so we could switch to the other parts without having to stop the entire race. We know that's not that the best option would be - but at least we could finish the race.

Finisher options
We want as many finishers as possible and that is why we offer our participants 3 finish options:
Whenever Gütenland is reached, it is possible to finish the race successfully.
Part 1 - Part 3: 500km finisher bronze
Part 1 - Part 4: 671km Finisher Silver
Part 1 - Part 5: 1,001km Finisher Gold

We will do everything we can to organize a great race and to offer you a running adventure that you will remember fondly and long ago will. Now it's time for you to train and prepare for it. It's best to start right away.

Further information on the Megarace can always be found at in the news area.

MEGARACE is postponed to 2021

[April, 17th 2020] Due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and its effects, as well as in accordance with german laws and our general business conditions, we are postponing MEGARACE to September 2021.

The Megarace will now start at 9 a.m. on September 12, 2021. The deadline for a last finish is September 25, 2021 at midnight.

All entry fees are retained, all starter tickets remain valid for the race in 2021.

The decision is not easy for us, but there are many different reasons for the postponement.

One of the most important reasons is that we will not get permission from the state authority for our run by the end of August this year. Only then could the detailed work begin with over 120 contact persons along the route. That is not enough time for preparation and it`s not sure that we will get a permission from the authorities. Further requirements regarding health protection, hygiene and distance rules for participants and helpers can be expected. Nobody can say at the moment what this looks like.

We also run out of time to prepare for the run. Only at the end of May could we start the preparations on site, so that almost 3 months of preparation time was lost. Some hotel operations and partners may not be able to make any statements about their support at the moment, as they first have to worry about their own existence.

The pandemic is also progressing at different speeds in the countries of the world. Since we have an international field of participants (of which we are very proud), this hits us very hard. Some of our participants hardly have the opportunity to prepare well and the arrival and departure to Germany is difficult to plan.

We wish you all a lot of health for you and your families in this special time and that you will find a good and secure entry in the "new time" and that you can also find a "normalcy" again professionally.

We will probably still feel the effects of this pandemic in 2021, but we will have learned a bit to live with the new situation and the rules and regulations of the authorities will be clearer.

Ticket deadline & Corona Virus 3

[April, 1st 2020] Today we updated the participant page one more time and set "not fully paid" tickets to the status "invalid" when the payment deadline expired.

We know that one or the other payment is still on the way. After receipt of payment we will mark the corresponding tickets as "complete" and we will then lead the runner accordingly to the list of participants.

We are extending the payment period for the second payment until midnight on April 3rd 2020. Then we complete the registration phase - "Not fully" paid tickets then lose their validity.

COVID-19 keeps the world on our toes and we continue to monitor the situation. In the last week of April we will announce our decision to postpone the race until 2021. The shift is in the range of the probable for various reasons.

We wish you all the best and stay healthy!

Megarace & Corona Virus 2

[March, 23th 2020] We are currently experiencing dynamic times. COVID-19 is present in all countries of the world and limits our options.
I know that many of you are now concerned about your health, your job, or your loved one, and a lot of your own strength and energy is to be spent in "the here and now". This crisis challenges us and it also ensures that projects and planned actions get a new priority.

And that also affects THE MEGARACE. This situation affects us all and each of us must now reposition and reposition ourselves.

But we know that things will continue after this period of crisis. And we want to continue to exist as a company and do everything for our sport: ultra-running,
the associated ideas and that events can once again take their place in our lives. 

Therefore, it is very important for us to plan sizes, definitely
to have the number of participants that we, our sponsors and partners can count on.

MEGARACE takes place in September this year. I still assume that we can let the event take place this year. However, there is news every day and we know
not what development the pandemic COVID-19 will take. It is quite likely that we will have to change our route or that we will even have to postpone our race by one year to September 2021. We will monthly upgrade informations about MEGARACE & COVID-19 and we will decide in MAY latest about the date and eventually postponing the race by one year to 2021.

No matter what happens, we are looking forward to this race - and now all the more - because we have realized what a special race the Megarace is. We will come together from all over the world to make the seemingly impossible - run 1,001 km - non-stop.

We will do everything possible for this race and ask you to stay with us. Follow your passion! The Megarace will be a great experience for all of us.

Despite everything, it is very important for us to know who will actually be a participant in our event. Therefore, March 31st remains the date for the second payment.

I ask for your understanding that this is necessary for me and our company. Please make these payments by March 31st of this year, otherwise the entitlement to the starter ticket will expire on April 1st. 

Please note our terms and conditions (

Especially now we wish you and your loved ones all the best and good health! 
We all get through this time well


Megarace & Corona Virus

[March, 9th 2020] At the moment there are no signs that we will not be allowed to start the Megarace in September. Nobody currently knows how the situation with the virus is developing

So, of course there are no guarantees whether we have to teach additional requirements (health certificates of the athletes) or something else.  Or whether we may not even be allowed to start the race. In this (very unlikely) case we would postpone the start by one year (see our terms and conditions

All entry fees would be retained. The entry fees will not be reimbursed.The date that the ticket must be paid in full remains for March 31. this year

Our Terms & Conditions
Starter tickets for our events are non-refundable. For whatever reason, we do not provide a refund for the participation in an event. Starter tickets are only valid for the corresponding booked year. Starter tickets can be given to other people without a fee, the owner of the starter ticket notifies the new owner of the starter ticket via email to: with the last name, first name and email address of the new owner. The holder of the starter ticket regulates all the modalities for handing over the starter ticket.

If an event cannot take place due to force majeure or special circumstances (danger situations, weather-related risks or road closures), the event can change its character (change in route, circuit course, etc.), be postponed or even canceled without entitlement to a refund of the starter ticket become. The decision for risk assessment and evaluation and the resulting measures is the sole responsibility of These measures are possible without notice at any time "before" and "during" an event. Likewise, no reimbursements for any arrival or accommodation costs will be paid. Participants in the events bear these risks themselves and any additional costs that may arise as a result.

Every event participation is at your own risk and responsibility. Any liability by the organization and its helpers from is excluded. Without signing a disclaimer before the start, participation in an event is not possible. We assume no liability for any luggage, including dropbags, at any time and in any place, neither during transport (not even during transport by third parties) nor during storage.

[FEB 2020] CUT-OFF TIMES BALANCED (Version 1.1 due to a calculation mistake)

The last days we worked on the cut-off times and we put more balance in. Participants have to leave Lifebases at latest to the [total time] shown on the overview.

Meeting Location

[Feb 2020] We will meet for registration at the "Hotel Seebachschleife" in Bayerisch Eisenstein [Adress: Seebachschleife 2 · 94252 Bayerisch Eisenstein] . The town of Bayerisch Eisenstein has a train connection and is easy to reach for international starters by train from Frankfurt or Munich.

As a participant in the Megarace, it is possible to spend one or more nights before the start on special terms alone or with a partner. The link given here leads to the booking portal We are happy to help with any questions. Please use our contact form here on the website.

Due to its central location, the Hotel Seebachschleife is the headquarters for the race management and also a lifebase for the race participants

As a help:
Registration and kit check: Saturday, September 12th beginning at 9 AM
Obligatory Race Briefing: Saturday, September 12th beginning 4 PM
Pre Race Pasta Party: Saturday, September 12th beginning 6 PM
Runners breakfast: Sunday, September 13th beginning 5 AM
Bus shuttle to start location: Sunday, September 13th 7.30 AM
START MEGARACE: Sunday, September 13th, 9 AM

We think it`s the best and easiest way to get accomodation if you book two overnight stays from Friday, sep. 11th  to Sunday, sep 13th, but we also know that some of you will stay by your crews in camper vans or in hostels nearby. It`s up to you



[Jan 2020] We hope that we get the best weather for our event so that you can have such a view again and again when you are up on the mountains. 

So that you can be part of the adventure, it is time to make the second payment by the end of March. We are looking forward to you and can hardly wait for the start!

[Dec 2019] COBRA XT - A Trainings Event for THE MEGARACE

The COBRA XT (COsta BRAva eXTrem) is an ultrarunning event located in Girona (Spain). It`s open to all athlets, but the main idea is that participants of THE MEGARACE have the chance to get some training and a first come together. Participating is free of charge to every MEGARACER. 

The race course of the COBRA XT has a length of 135 km with nearly 4.500 meters elevation gain. Time limit is 36 hours
We will provide 3 Aidstations with one bigger "Dropbag Station" at km 70.
Briefing: April, the 30th, 2020 GIRONA
Start: May, the 1st, 2020 GIRONA, 6 AM

You will find more information about COBRA XT on our main webside:

Participants of THE MEGARACE who like to join the COBRA XT send an email to: 


So far people have not visited another planet or have been out of Earth's reach for a longer period.

Plans for a flight to Mars have existed for a long time, and various institutions distributed to many countries of the world are currently involved in preparing such a longer mission.

The trip to Mars would take about two years and take place in a small space ship with limited resources. Logistically a challenge and medically completely new territory.

Here are unprecedented physical mental demands on the astronauts as well. To examine this is a field of investigation of the current space science.

Our athletes could become part of this studies as part of a research project. We are looking forward to the upcoming talks and our contribution to the Mission Mars 2035.

[Aug 2019] Every finisher of the full distance of THE MEGARACE will get in addition to medal and certificate an engraved ring as a present for the great effort. Get yours!


KAI EICHLER is a firefighter, as are about 1.3 million other firefighters in Germany.

At almost 4 million operations every year, our fire department is on hand. They help with fires, natural disasters and also in traffic accidents. They save lives - often in difficult circumstances, and not only in Germany but worldwide.

Many firefighters do their duty honorary, they are not in a professional fire brigade - these forces are indispensable to ensure general help.

KAI EICHLER will tackle the Megarace 2020 and he will take an additional piece of gear at each lifebase (there are 6 of them) at the end full equipped to cross the finish line - after 1,000 km. KAI EICHLER starts as a runner and finishes as a firefighter. We symbolically make it clear that volunteering is not carried on the skin but in the heart.

Our fire departments are important and indispensable worldwide - they need our support and they need new blood. We want to draw attention to that!

In addition, we will launch a fundraiser for "HELP FOR HELPERS", which collects funds for firefighters who crash in their missions. Likewise, the collected funds strengthen the training of firefighters.

I am very happy that KAI EICHLER is facing this task and wish him all the best for the preparation!