Megarace Course 2021

The picture shows our race course.
We will meet in "Bayerisch Eisenstein". Start is at the same location.

The whole race course leeds through germany - no other country. There is no border crossing anymore. That will make the situation much easier for organisation and our international starters

We will run mostly the Goldsteig Hikingpath (as planned) and in addition some more marked hiking paths like "Nurtschweg" "Pandurensteig" and "Baierweg". We will fix the course till end of may. Then you will get more detailed informations like gpx tracks and stations on the course.

Blue marked Stations on the map are the life bases
LB1: Bayerisch Eisenstein ---- ~120k
LB2: Passau ---- ~270k
LB3: Bayerisch Eisenstein ---- ~400k
LB4: G├╝tenland ---- ~500k
LB5: G├╝tenland ---- ~671k
LB6: Marktredwitz ---- ~840k

Megarace Course 2022

The picture shows our race course in the next year
We will meet in "Bayerisch Eisenstein". Start is at the same location.

It is the race course which was originally planned in 2019 on the Goldsteig hikingpath.

Race Dates 2022:
Meet and Equipment Check: Sep. 10th, 2022, Location: Bayerisch Eisenstein
Start of MEGARACE: Sep. 11th, 2022, 9 am, Location: Bayerisch Eisenstein
Last Finish: Sep. 24th, 2022, midnight, Location: Neunburg v. d. Wald 
6 Lifebases (LB) - 10 Aidstations
Crews are allowed
Race Time: 13,5 days

We start with more detailed information about gpx tracks, lifebases and aidstations in may 2022.